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FDUSD is a 1:1 USD-backed Stablecoin. FDUSD provides users with a stable digital currency that is backed by fiat currency, which can help reduce the volatility in the cryptocurrency market. This makes it more appealing to investors and merchants, who are wary of the volatility associated with traditional cryptocurrency price fluctuations. FDUSD can improve the efficiency of financial transactions by reducing transaction costs and improving the speed and accuracy of these transactions in a secure manner. FDUSD can also facilitate cross-border transactions and reduce the fees and processing times associated with traditional methods. The stability of a fiat-backed stablecoin is preserved through the maintenance of a 1:1 peg with the corresponding fiat currency. This is achieved by meticulously ensuring that the value of the reserve assets held matches or exceeds the total quantity of outstanding stablecoins. In essence, the reserves serve as a guarantee for the issuer's commitment to redeem the stablecoin at its nominal value. It is important to note that FDUSD operates under rigorous custodial arrangements. Furthermore, the FDUSD can be programmed, allowing financial contracts, escrow, and insurance without intermediaries.

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Onboarded Date Nov. 12, 2023
Contracts ETH 0xc5f0f7b66764F6ec8C8Dff7BA683102295E16409 BSC 0xc5f0f7b66764F6ec8C8Dff7BA683102295E16409
Website https://firstdigitallabs.com/

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    $1.000154564867 -0.32%
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    $12233848318.56 27.03%
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    682,337,471 FDUSD
  • Total Supply

    3,956,563,916.820000171661376953 FDUSD

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